Monday, September 5, 2011

A look at Borderlands 2

I really enjoyed Borderlands, so I will definitely be pre-ordering Borderlands 2. I have read many articles and wikis on the next game and have amassed a 'knoxx' sized armory info on the new game. So here you go:
starting with the videos, Warning they have extremely explicit language. (which makes them funny)

PROJECTED RELEASE DATE: late 2012~early 2013

Official Game Teaser (feat. Salvador the Gunzerker):

Leaked cam, 14min of gameplay footage:

I'm afraid this video will be taken down for copyright really soon, so I've Downloaded it and will re-up when it does, and will have a link here.

 I can't find the other video :/ Oh well.

So in the new game there will be new enemies, new guns, new classes, new items, and a new plot line!

Four new Classes:
  1. Salvador, the Gunzerker.
  2. Maya, the Siren.
  3. ?????
  4. ?????
Body-type similar to brick, Salvador is a Gunzerker. His skill tree splits down three paths (like the original game.) into Rampage, Brawn, and Gunlust. Rampage improves the ability to dual-weild weapons. Brawn entitles toughness. Gunlust increases weapon effectiveness and is said to grant a "aggro turret"(not confirmed)

A few of the Gunzerker's skills are:
(Warning: info gathered from a leaked video, some info was unreadable, so I just left it blank.)
Dual Wield- The main power of the Gunzeker; allows for temporary use of two guns at the same time.

Die Hard (Brick's old skill)
Asbestos (reduces negative status effects, possibly similar to Lilith's Resilience)

Rampage(skill tree):
  • All in the reflexes - Increases your reload speed and (increases attack speed?) (makes attack every second)
  • Filled to the brim - Increases the magazine size of all weapon types. Also increases your ammo carrying capacity with all weapon types.
  • Last Longer - Increases the duration of dual wield
  • Lay Waste - killing an enemy grants you increased fire rate and critical and Damage with all guns. the effect lasts a short while
  • Green Fire - when you Corroded an enemy ----- on fire (or --- ------) you affect the enemy with Green Fire. Oo -oth the enemy  -- run off nearby --- and (I'm thinking is a skill that light corroeded enemies alight and the ignited enemies will flail around on fire until dead.)
  • Yippie Yi Yay - killing an enemy while over water(?) increase the time you can dual wield.
  • Get Some - Shooting an enemy decreases the cool down on dual wield. This effect can only occur once every 3 seconds.
  • Sexual Tyrannosaurus - taking damage gives you health regeneration for 5 seconds. This effect does not stack multiple times.
  • Just got real - increases the Damage you deal with all gun types. The lower your health, the greater the damage bonus.
  • Shockingly Acidic - ------- stack damage to a Corroded enemy has a chance to affect the enemy with green Lightning causing him to drop accredited loot if killed quickly.
  • Out of Bubblegum - your fire rate with all guns increases when your shields are drained.
  • I'm the Juggernaut - killing an enemy reduced all damage you take for a few seconds.
  • Incite - taking damage increases your movement speed and reload speed for a few seconds 
  •  Divergent Likeness: 2 same weapons = bonus damage. 2 different weapons = increased accuracy
  •  Down, Not Out: able to dual-wield while down
  •  Overheat: increase fire-rate the longer the trigger is held down

Salvador, the Gunzerker

Same class as Lilith, which leads me to believe she has the same skill tree. Maybe not, however people theorize that the book strapped to her thigh is related to her power. Maya will not have Lilith's Phasewalk. It was stated that each Siren is connected, but each has their own unique ability.

Maya fighting Nomad

No information has been given on the other classes.

Handsome Jack
 The Plot's Main Villain, Jack, a dictator of Pandora whom claims to have discovered the vault. He has taken over Hyperion Corporation and weaponized all their mining equipment. He is the games main antagonist and the player is expected to destroy him and restore peace to Pandora.

Little is known about his Moon-base and satellite, except that it is located on Pandora's nearby stationary moon. In the shape of an 'H'. Jack uses it to traffic troops and supplies to and from Pandora, and can teleport units directly to the battlefield to combat the player.

Handsome Jack


In BL2 enemies will be generated the same way guns are, randomly through different equipment/organs(?) that effect their ability, stats, elemental, and overall effectiveness.

Then new AI allows for enemies to jump high and climb up walls to get to spots more strategic to combat you from. The AI communication/interaction is not scripted and is based on real-time. The AI improvements allow them to be more responsive, use cover better, and use their surroundings to their advantage. Enemies will now be knocked down, stagger, or be stunned when shot. When running over enemies with vehicles, they will actually become rag-dolls and fly over your hood. Enemies will now be more responsive and limp or be slowed depending on where the target is hit.

Few confirmed enemy additions:
  • Badass Fire Skags now have the power to sear the pup skags in flames, giving them a temporary offensive/defensive buff causing and immunity to fire DMG. Once the buff has expired, the Badass can call the remaining pup skags back for another buff.
  • New druid enemy, the Surveyor, uses a shield to deflect projectiles back at the player when alone. In groups, they are able to heal/repair their friendlies, but at the cost of being unable to use their deflective shields.
  • The Bullymong, a 4 arm ape-like creature, is a very agile enemy, climbing structures quickly and capable of using objects around it as projectiles.
  • EXP Loader (aka exploder), is Hyperion's own kamikaze war mech, it runs are you and tries to deal explosive damage. The player can shoot out their legs in an attempt so slow them down.
  • Enemy 'healers' cause player to have to use enemy prioritization skills when fighting, leading to better gameplay.
 Despite the clap-traps attempt to take over the world, they are still picked on by characters within the game. Whether or not they will be sided with or against the Player is unknown at this date.

Whom seems to be the first boss, Nomad, a marauders bandit leader, uses a shield like a lancer from the first game, except he implements a midget meatshield chained to his protective device. The player can shoot the chain holding the midget to the shield in an effort to gain a short term companion who easily is killed by Nomad, but supplies the player with time to get a ton of damage dealt to nomad from behind him. 


4 Seating capacity will be standard on all vehicles. There will be a larger variety of vehicles in BL2, one being a "bandit technical". Vehicles will be more detailed, and will have the ability to powerslide.

S&S will not be returning in borderlands 2, they have been replaced by a more successful bandit manufacturer, who in turn carry the largest magazines known to the game. Because of those pesky vault hunter in borderlands having destroyed fort knoxx, Atlas weapons will not be returning.
There is no news whether or not Eridian weapons will make an appearance in BL2, but due to the fact that it's the same vault, I think so.
Vladof - "A bullet-hose" specializes in rapid fire.
Torgue - High tech weapons (including Gyro-jets(a mini-missile), new to BL2)

Tediore Manufacturer - "The wal-mart of gun makers" You literally just empty your clip then throw it away. The more ammo left in the clip, the more damage the gun does when it explodes on impact. WARNING: this gun is extremely cheap and may exploded during use.
Maliwan and Jakobs will be implemented.
Hyperion weapons will be switching from Red/Crimson to the iconic Hyperion Yellow/White and are now under the ownership of the games main antagonist. 

Each manufacturer will have their own visual styling/theme. The purpose of this is to be able to easily identify a weapon's manufacturer and quality by simple looking at it. No manufacturers will have the same looking gun. Examples: Vladof will sport Russian [AK-47 type] bodies, Dahl will have more modern militaristic characteristics.

Other than the gun manufacturer changes, Gearbox has added more options for gun parts, leading to a shit ton of more guns, just saiyan. Class mods and Artifacts will be returning. Weapons can have unique decals and enhancements.

Eridium, can be used to enhance weapons and are the only Currency to purchase the most powerful weapons in the world. They can also be used to provide temporary buffs, like health, defense, or damage to the player. Eridium will be scattered throughout Pandora and will be rare to find. 

  • Co-op will follow the same 4 player plan. 
  • Npc's will be fully animated and move around their locations, interacting with objects within their locations 
  • Large bodies of water have been noted on maps, and swimming support has been hinted at. 
  • Time In-game takes place around 5 years after Borderlands 1. 
  • Save data will be stored in the cloud, allowing easier access to character data. 
  • Guardian Angel, the guide to BL1, will be back. 
  • The game introduces more interactive dialogue, with remarks similar to those in Valve games.
  • Second Playthrough will be present
  • Hyperion City and Dahl Dam will be locations.
  •  The new 'amp' debuffs enemies and increases elemental damage done to afflicted enemies.

All the characters from the original game will be released as support npc's. Roland is confirmed to appear in a beginning mission. Rumors have been going around saying that you will be able to upload your saves from the original game and the support npc will be able to use your character. (Pretty sure these are just rumors though.)

Story missions will no longer be static, I.E. if you need to rescue somebody as a mission but take too long that story arc will continue and the story will change for you [cdog9183] In short, you may be penalized in later missions/story for taking too long or failing completely. Certain missions will expand as you carry them out.

The new menu implemented in BL2 consists of a more 3D feel, and will probably be 3D on the 3D tv's. The 3D effect's on the menu allow for the menu to be more easily usable in the cramped style of split-screen gaming. Menus will be more simpler, cleaner, and easy to use. When using the in-game Inventory/Menu, the camera pans out to 3rd person. You can then see your character and the character interacting with the menu.

More character customization will be introduced, but was not detailed on what just yet. Gearbox will be keeping the majority of the old systems in BL1, but improving them for the better for BL2.

At the end of a leaked clip from a conference, After being knocked off a cliff by an enemies explosion, Salvador flagged the bird to the skies above.

These are the DLC titles that may be released: 
  •   DLC 1: Claptrap's Master Plan 
  • DLC 2: The Battle of Fyerstone 
  • DLC 3: Marcus-land 
  • DLC 4: Hyperion's Mecha-Robot Invasion 
  • DLC 5: Claptrap's Last Chance
  Me thinks... Because of the leaked DLC titles, Claptraps will be an enemy.

Splitscreen support info

Local Host + Online player + Online Player + Online Player
Local Splitscreen Hosts + Online Player + Online Player
Local Host + Online Splitscreen Players + Online Player

Local Splitscreen Hosts + Online Splitscreen Players
Also, The games story is being written by anthony birch, that dude from Hey Ash Whatcha Playin'