Sunday, January 30, 2011

Thought this was interesting.

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A different perspective.

What if everyone sees colors differently? Like when someone looks at the color red, he/she calls it red but to another person the color he/she calls red is more of a blue. And so life goes on with everyone looking at colors that are different, but call them the same.
I've though about this before, but when explaining this to people, the lack of critical thinking skills on their character makes it impossible for my incapability to explain things well, to word this in a sense where they can understand it.

Saturday, January 22, 2011


Part I -- USSR Indoctrination

Imagine growing up in the dictatorship that like the Soviet Union. You are born to parents who lived under the iron rule their entire life and only your grandparents have vague memories of a different way of life and even that was of the dictator style monarchy of the Czars. They all tell you that you must accept the authority of the government out of brain washing that was done to them or simply because they fear to much for your safety to tell you otherwise. On top of that your school and everyone you meet in your town or city promotes the same authoritative communist ideology. As you grow up you learn to accept your life as if that is the way everyone is suppose to live. Your peers also have the same experiences and accept their lives as the norm. You very rarely would run into anyone who would dare to openly question or reject the belief system you grew up in. You are always told to fear those people. You are told that those people who live differently in other forms of government have lives that are full of suffering and pain. When you do eventually run into a person who openly counters the ideology of the state you would mock him for being an idiot, try to show him the error in his beliefs using the same arguments that have been drilled into you by your school and by your authority figures, or you would refuse to listen to him because you know that he is wrong and that his ideologies promote the suffering and pain you heard so much about. You would most likely live out your entire life brainwashed and never see the reality of other ways of life, and go on to someday brain wash your own children in the same way you were brain washed.

Part II -- Modern American Religious Indoctrination

Now Imagine you grew up in modern day America. Your parents grew up and lived out their lives in a specific religious ideology, even your grandparents lived out their entire lives with the same religious indoctrination. They all tell you that you must follow their religion because of their own religious brain washing, or out of the fear that you would be disowned by those around you for disobeying their god. On top of that almost all of the people in your community promote the same religious doctrines or ones that are almost identical. As you grow up you learn to accept your life as if it is the way everyone is suppose to live. Your peers also have the same experiences and accept their lives as the norm. You very rarely run into anyone who would openly question or reject your religion. You are told to fear those people. You are told that those people who live differently have lives full of pain and suffering and will have an eternity more to suffer even after death. When you do eventually encounter someone during your life who counters your religious ideology you mock him for being an idiot, try to show him the error of his ways by using the arguments drilled into you by your authority figures or your church, or you do not listen to him at all because you know that he is wrong and that his ideology promotes the pain and suffering you heard so much about. You would most likely live out your entire life brain washed by those around you and never see the other side of things, and go on to someday brain wash your own children in the same way.

As written and spoken by Pavel Borisenko.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

GFD this is so stupid.

To my teacher.
questions are:
1 Two dream jobs?
2 My strenghts?
3 Weaknesses?
4 Opportunities to getting my job?
5 Possible threats?

 Second assignment-
1 go to this website and use this article that doesn't exist to write a personal vision...?
2 Use this to make a time frame
3 short term goals?
4 long term goals?

This is what I sent my teacher:

First assignment:
1.       My only dream job is being a Network administration specialist.
2.       The strengths I currently posses that effect my goal career are that I manage networks and hosting servers as a recreational activity. I know what I’m learning for my degree, and have known for several years.
3.       My weaknesses in getting my dream job are that I need to go to school to become what I already am, that  I have to take classes that seemingly don’t have anything to do with my major, and that I cannot get hired on the contents of my knowledge, but what is in the title of a piece of paper. Also, CNM’s attendance policy, and judgment of my moral character by my teachers, both offend me. I graduated from high school and progressed into college expecting to be treated as an adult, but the attendance policy figuratively states that  we are merely being baby sat and will be dropped for not attending what is backed by our (as in mine, yours, and every other student) money.
4.       The opportunities in getting my dream job are that CNM’s prices are very cheap.
5.       Some threats that could prevent me from achieving my goals are being dropped from my classes, laziness, and giving up on society.

Second assignment:
1.       I looked up that page, I’m having trouble with what a short personal vision for myself in the future is and I’m getting the “?once=true&” error, so the page obviously was removed at some point.

But I do however see myself with my associates degree in network administration, and Having a job doing what I love.

2.       Timeframe-
First I need to complete college by passing all the needed classes no matter how necessary or unnecessary they are. Then I graduate, have my associates degree, get a job and move up in my career. It’s rather simple and I will end up doing what I like.

3 &4.      Short term goals would be passing my next test, class. Long term goals would be graduating.

I would like to address how cliché the second assignment is. I have been faced with these questions throughout my whole elementary through high school education, and I have never understood what the points to these questions were.  They have nothing to do with the subject or the course, yet alone my major. They ask the same question several times as if trying to drill the information into my head.

·         What is the point?

Monday, January 17, 2011


Traumatic and Dramatic are really similar words.


I wasn't actually going to do this today, but when I was playing DC Universe the servers crashed so I decided I would type this up really quick.

Insomnia influences extensive brain action and thoroughly thought out ideas. Whenever I have one of my insomnia attacks, I always come up with some sort of idea or theory and end up pondering that subject for several hours. Also, many famous, well educated, people also had insomnia, including Charles Darwin, Benjamin Franklin, Mark Twain, Napoleon, and Einstein. I don't believe that the fact that most of society's greatest scientists and artists were mostly consisted of insomniacs. Now I know for a fact that when I'm well rested my critical thinking skills are a lot less than when I'm tired.

Just an Idea to ponder.

Dating is a mere mind game.

Yes a date. Most people who know me would be all like "Tim? A date? Nawww... really??? who was he?" In reality though, I go on dates every so often. However, I find Dating quiet pointless because through proper body posture and the right rephrasing of your words, you can convince anyone, anything.

I once read these books, by a guy named Erik von Markovik (aka. Mystery), called The Mystery Method and The Pick-Up Artist. Now these books, I don't follow like a bible, but they are an interesting read and bring a great point. People want people to like them, I don't care who you are but you want someone to like you. I'm not going to get into advertising with this so I will just tell my story of what happened tonight and get to the point.

Earlier tonight I was texting a friend. We were on the topic of how I dyed my hair brunette (a rather yucky shade xD), and She asked to see my hair. That is when I said that we should to go to the movies, she of course agreed and looked up the theater times. She then said her mom doesn't like her going alone, and that she would need to bring a mutual friend. I sent her a message that is very bland and doesn't answer anything (like emoticons I specifically use O.o and :P the most), basically making her drive more information into the conversation.  My truck only fits two people so I laid sent her that nonchalantly while stating some other necessary information.
(ProTip: Only pay if it's a date.)

When I pulled up at her house, I knocked on the door and Got invited in, I made a few throw-away conversation starters about the amount of cats in the neighborhood and some comments on a few mutual friends. We then headed to the movies. The movie theater is kind of a dead zone where body posture is critical. Because speech is gimped during the scenes, you must have good kinetic control. What I'm saying is try to get her to come to you, don't be all over her. I actually prefer to wait until the end of the movie to do this. It's very easy to do this during the conclusion when all the action, violence, ect. ends and you have that peaceful effect. (Try and leave the movie holding hands.)

After the movie we went to my truck and talked for a good 4 hours. The key part was during this conversation, the part many people have trouble with. This is where I finalized my decision that people would do what they say they wouldn't, if you display the right attributes. After we conversed over many subjects including some that you would find as a boner kill, we found ourselves making out. She then did the whole dramatic pretending shes sad but really she just is fighting conflicting emotions, thing, where she puts her hands over her face. I asked her hat was a matter, and she said that she has a boyfriend and apologized about a thousand times. Its fine I believe in polygamy. And it really isn't a big deal, it was just a kiss. That sort of thing. Just calm her down and assure her its okay. When this happens, back away like she killed your boner, but keep the kinetic energy flowing. She will subconsciously realize that she disrupted the friendship between you and that will make her want you more. She will then pass back kinetic energy, like... she will touch you in some way. the you need to get close to her again. I got closer to her, and even after she had just told me that she had a boyfriend and she didn't think it was right, we started making out again. then my phone rang... actually it vibrated.... in a pleasureful area for her. It made me lol, but killed the moment.

I didn't want to bang her, nor do I now. I just realized what I've been doing wrong in all my past relationships. Not only did I attempt to blog about it and explain how it works to the rest of the world, but I butchered it. The key is to display affection, but keep them on the fritz. Don't be a dick, or sexist, This actually works on everyone, and can be adapted for everything. Its human psychology. People read these books and don't get the picture though. I read them several years ago, and think about them often, but it wasn't until now that I understand the jist of what Mystery was describing.

Took a pill for my chronic migraines, took a pill for my insomnia. I will sleep now.

Tomorrow, I will address my theories of Insomnia, if I remember and don't have a lazy fit.

[Consider this topic Butchered]

Sunday, January 16, 2011


My boss told me I'm stupid and I'm going to go crazy and kill everyone at our store. Then she told me I should blog about it. So that's what I'm doing, blogging about everything stupid, crazy, or irrational.