Tuesday, January 18, 2011

GFD this is so stupid.

To my teacher.
questions are:
1 Two dream jobs?
2 My strenghts?
3 Weaknesses?
4 Opportunities to getting my job?
5 Possible threats?

 Second assignment-
1 go to this website and use this article that doesn't exist to write a personal vision...?
2 Use this to make a time frame
3 short term goals?
4 long term goals?

This is what I sent my teacher:

First assignment:
1.       My only dream job is being a Network administration specialist.
2.       The strengths I currently posses that effect my goal career are that I manage networks and hosting servers as a recreational activity. I know what I’m learning for my degree, and have known for several years.
3.       My weaknesses in getting my dream job are that I need to go to school to become what I already am, that  I have to take classes that seemingly don’t have anything to do with my major, and that I cannot get hired on the contents of my knowledge, but what is in the title of a piece of paper. Also, CNM’s attendance policy, and judgment of my moral character by my teachers, both offend me. I graduated from high school and progressed into college expecting to be treated as an adult, but the attendance policy figuratively states that  we are merely being baby sat and will be dropped for not attending what is backed by our (as in mine, yours, and every other student) money.
4.       The opportunities in getting my dream job are that CNM’s prices are very cheap.
5.       Some threats that could prevent me from achieving my goals are being dropped from my classes, laziness, and giving up on society.

Second assignment:
1.       I looked up that page, I’m having trouble with what a short personal vision for myself in the future is and I’m getting the “?once=true&” error, so the page obviously was removed at some point.

But I do however see myself with my associates degree in network administration, and Having a job doing what I love.

2.       Timeframe-
First I need to complete college by passing all the needed classes no matter how necessary or unnecessary they are. Then I graduate, have my associates degree, get a job and move up in my career. It’s rather simple and I will end up doing what I like.

3 &4.      Short term goals would be passing my next test, class. Long term goals would be graduating.

I would like to address how cliché the second assignment is. I have been faced with these questions throughout my whole elementary through high school education, and I have never understood what the points to these questions were.  They have nothing to do with the subject or the course, yet alone my major. They ask the same question several times as if trying to drill the information into my head.

·         What is the point?

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