Monday, October 24, 2011

A little news about what is going on on Wall St.

The Occupy Wall Street Protest encampment is located at Zuccotti Park, on the corner of Broadway and Liberty St. The camp is set up in an abnormally organized manner for this type of event. There is a kitchen, a sleeping quarter, a medical center, an art and posters area, an information desk, and a group assembly area. 

The park is officially owned by Brookfield Office Properties, an investment company.  This particular investment company is part of the groups that rivaling the movement the protesters are pushing for. Also, this company is thought to have ties with Mayor Bloomberg, someone who has expressed that he wants the protest to be shut down.

The groups that have been in disagreement over the use of Zuccotti Park are the Protesters, who are using the park as a camp in order to fuel a change, and Brookfield Office Properties, who are working with Mayor Bloomberg and the police force to ‘clean’ up the park. 

The ‘cleaning up the park’ operation, that BOP wishes to initiate, may end up not only cleaning up the park, but clean up the protesters as well. You see, when you send these protesters elsewhere for the four hours it takes to clean the park, most of the people will go home and take a shower. After taking their shower and having a nap, the civilians will realize how much they missed their home during the past month of living on the streets.  The civilians will then realize that they don’t want to continue their movement and will stay home, resulting in a loss of manpower for the movement. This ‘cleaning’ is threatening the very existence of the cause and should be treated with maximum resistance.

The park ‘cleaning’ was eventually called off by Brookfield Office Properties when:
The early morning announcement from the Mayor’s office in New York came after 300,000+ Americans signed petitions to stop the eviction, and flooded the 311 phone network in solidarity with those in Liberty Square. At 6 AM this morning, 3,000+ New Yorkers, unions, students, and others joined the occupiers in the square… (OccupyWallStreet)
After that, and a Police Motorcyclist parking a vehicle on top of a Pedestrian Protester, Brookfield Office Properties decided that they were going to call off the parks ‘cleaning’.

The Mayor and police have publicized that they want to the protesters to leave Zuccotti Park by arresting and macing innocent protesters. The protesters displayed that the random arrests and assaults on several protesters during the last month are wrong by video-documenting and contacting the media, but that has barely had an effect on the situation. The protesters are creating the videos to use media to fuel the movement, to persuade people to get the word out and to prevent more arrests.

You know, police shouldn’t lay a finger on any person without a legal reason. Period. They shouldn’t break the vows of their job, but some do. They are corrupt, and there is nothing anyone can really do about it, without their personal info; Personal info that many officers aren’t willing to give out, despite their job requiring them to. In my unbiased opinion, the cops shouldn’t have the right to harm or arrest any of the protesters on Wall Street unless they, as individuals, break the law.

Police parks motorcycle bike on top of Pedestrian. [VIDEO]

So from my understanding, here's what happened:

A guy is in the street, like many of the other protesters. A police officer see's this as an opportunity to make an example of a Protester, and proceeded to run him over, then park his vehicle (in the middle of the street) on top of said protester. While this protester is writhing in pain, and trying to relieve these ~400lbs of treacherous agony, like he should, like the human he is, like the rest of the 99%, he kicks over the motorcycle. Then the police around him beat him with their batons and arrest him.

This is wrong. Horribly wrong.

There are only two arguments I have been presented for this:

1. He's faking.

Seriously? Listen to him screaming in torture and agony. Does he sound like he's faking? Does he look like he's faking? No. Also, you can clearly see the bike ride over his foot in the second video.

2. It's justified by the fact that he's in the street.

I mean sure, it 'legally' does, but whatever happened to it being an officer's job to protect and serve? I'm sure you wouldn't have heard of protecting a civilian as something similar to running them over.

With this kind of mind-set, maybe it justifies the gruesome killing of this baby girl [video], the dead baby should have been beaten and dragged off to jail. Not the driver.

Baby Ruthlessly Murdered in china

A ton of press work has been running about this 3 year old Chinese baby. Her mother was not watching her and she was wandering alone through the streets of china. When crossing the street a truck driver, without batting a lash, ran her over. He then drove off, showing the how respectful people in that part of china are for the value of a life. After being ran over, several civilians passed without caring enough to call authorities for help. Simply put, no one cared.

A while later, Another vehicle enters the scene and runs the baby over a second time. Really? And denizens of the world look at Americans like pieces of trash. What the hell way to run a country is this.

Anyways, fuck china, here's the video:

So, yea... I am disgusted, that another human being can be treated like that. I also guarantee you, that if I were to take a trip to china, that place will be visited and anyone deemed careless of other people human right's will have their own lives revoked.

The driver of the first vehicle was caught and arrested, I stopped following the story after the girl died on the twenty-first. However I just found an article literally 30 seconds ago for anyone interested enough to look more into it.


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Starburst Pipe!

Yea, so one day I decided I was going to be making improvised smoking devices. So I walked around the house looking for stuff to make into pipes. I found a few meh things but I made one godlike device.

 Alright for this you'll need:
  • a paperclip, or any skinny needle like object strong enough to puncture through a Starburst.
  • 5 packages of Starburst, you'll have the munchies.
  • a knife
  • bud
  • and enough common sense to figure out how to make it.


Moar OC
Carrot pipe.

The Mandrake as of 10/18/11

The Mandrake around mid august

Nintendo, bong pipe, garbage, hah.

shitty grav bong with over-sized bowl

unnamed bong