Monday, October 24, 2011

Police parks motorcycle bike on top of Pedestrian. [VIDEO]

So from my understanding, here's what happened:

A guy is in the street, like many of the other protesters. A police officer see's this as an opportunity to make an example of a Protester, and proceeded to run him over, then park his vehicle (in the middle of the street) on top of said protester. While this protester is writhing in pain, and trying to relieve these ~400lbs of treacherous agony, like he should, like the human he is, like the rest of the 99%, he kicks over the motorcycle. Then the police around him beat him with their batons and arrest him.

This is wrong. Horribly wrong.

There are only two arguments I have been presented for this:

1. He's faking.

Seriously? Listen to him screaming in torture and agony. Does he sound like he's faking? Does he look like he's faking? No. Also, you can clearly see the bike ride over his foot in the second video.

2. It's justified by the fact that he's in the street.

I mean sure, it 'legally' does, but whatever happened to it being an officer's job to protect and serve? I'm sure you wouldn't have heard of protecting a civilian as something similar to running them over.

With this kind of mind-set, maybe it justifies the gruesome killing of this baby girl [video], the dead baby should have been beaten and dragged off to jail. Not the driver.

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