Monday, October 24, 2011

Baby Ruthlessly Murdered in china

A ton of press work has been running about this 3 year old Chinese baby. Her mother was not watching her and she was wandering alone through the streets of china. When crossing the street a truck driver, without batting a lash, ran her over. He then drove off, showing the how respectful people in that part of china are for the value of a life. After being ran over, several civilians passed without caring enough to call authorities for help. Simply put, no one cared.

A while later, Another vehicle enters the scene and runs the baby over a second time. Really? And denizens of the world look at Americans like pieces of trash. What the hell way to run a country is this.

Anyways, fuck china, here's the video:

So, yea... I am disgusted, that another human being can be treated like that. I also guarantee you, that if I were to take a trip to china, that place will be visited and anyone deemed careless of other people human right's will have their own lives revoked.

The driver of the first vehicle was caught and arrested, I stopped following the story after the girl died on the twenty-first. However I just found an article literally 30 seconds ago for anyone interested enough to look more into it.


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