Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Starburst Pipe!

Yea, so one day I decided I was going to be making improvised smoking devices. So I walked around the house looking for stuff to make into pipes. I found a few meh things but I made one godlike device.

 Alright for this you'll need:
  • a paperclip, or any skinny needle like object strong enough to puncture through a Starburst.
  • 5 packages of Starburst, you'll have the munchies.
  • a knife
  • bud
  • and enough common sense to figure out how to make it.


Moar OC
Carrot pipe.

The Mandrake as of 10/18/11

The Mandrake around mid august

Nintendo, bong pipe, garbage, hah.

shitty grav bong with over-sized bowl

unnamed bong

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