Wednesday, October 12, 2011

It was just another dream.

I remember having a really strange dream last night. I can’t remember where we were coming from, but we arrived at the entrance to my friend, Zack’s underground warehouse, I said “Oh, I remember this place!” I then asked him if I could use a room in his ‘bunker’. I had corrected what I was calling his building because it was more of a bunker than a warehouse. He acknowledged me, and then proceeded to open up a glass door that had a lab shower behind it.

Seeing the shower and assuming he was referencing opening the door to my question I said that I would need a bigger room. I walked to the end of the corridor, followed the turn to the left, and then opened the first door on the right. I had previous knowledge of this building as I have dreamed of it in the past.

As I walk in I notice 6 rows of shelves stocked with all kinds of random chemicals, ingredients, and tools for making various compounds. The three walls that don’t have the door that we walked through are lined with counters. As I close the door I get an extremely eerie feeling and I feel a presence of an omnipotent force. Madison looked at my face then asked me what was wrong. Zack pulled his phone out of his pocket looked at the screen then locked the deadbolt to the door. Zack and I walked over to the 5th row of shelves and start picking up knives off a tray.

Zack grabbed a Tanto style knife and handed Madison the other of the same knife. I grabbed three throwing daggers and Zack commented on how I’m a pussy because of the knives I grabbed. Madison then agreed and said I needed a knife that is ‘fierce’. I’m pretty sure that they were referencing to the fact that his knife was four times the size of mine. I ignored the comments then proceeded to get ready for a fight.

I walked between the 5th and 6th shelves, gathering objects. I grabbed one burner, a 3 gallon double boiler, a gas can, a plastic container full of soap chips, 4 rags and several empty classic coke bottles with the labels still attached(in dream product placement?) I then plug the burner into the back wall and start cooking.

While waiting for my compound to heat up I hear knocking at the door. I gave Madison my headphones and my phone to listen to music and I told her to sit in the cabinets under the counters. She looked terrified, but did what I said. I poured some of the gas into a tray and soaked the rags in it. As I left the burners to find a striker or lighter, I noticed Zack was standing at the corner of the 6th row of shelves and staring aggressively towards the door.

I’m on the other side of the room than Zack and the door at the end of shelving row 3 when I hear the door forced open. I pulled a throwing knife out of my hoodie pocket, and walk towards the corner of the room where I was cooking the napalm. As I step towards row 5 I notice a blue shirt running around towards the corner of row 6. I timed the throwing of my knife to catch him off guard as he runs around the corner. I hit the man in his left arm. Not even looking at me he runs past me and thrusts his dagger into my back/side, behind my arm, nearly missing my heart, right above my stomach, and through the ribcage.

The dagger I was stabbed with was very distinct. I’ve never seen or heard of a knife like it. It was made of bone or ivory, it was between 18in and two feet long. The blade was curved back further than a katana. The dagger was serrated, but had large teeth, on the outside of the curve. On the inside of the curve the blade wasn’t serrated, nor did it have a hand guard on the inside.

I felt my eyes dilate and placed my hand over the stab wound to feel the damage. I was bleeding all over and my perception was getting blurry. I collapsed to the ground under the pain and fatigue and saw from under the shelves Zack conked out on the ground at the other corner of the shelves. Everything was fading into a blur, and then a bright flash left me to assume that that omnipotent killer had ignited the explosives. While bleeding out I felt the oven-like heat from the improvised napalm. I eventually passed out and awoke in my bed, windows open, with a migraine. Feeling the extreme heat from the sun turning my comforter into a furnace, I got up and got ready for the day.

Ready for just another day.

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