Thursday, September 8, 2011

ENG 0950 - lame

This is the third time taking this class...

Not because I'm failing, but just because this class is a ton of reading and boring writing, I'm unmotivated to the max and the teachers are always hired off the street and have no idea how to teach at all.

I turned my alarm clock off in my sleep and missed half of my first class. I was suddenly awoken by a sense of vomit and the fiery shits. I guess I ate something. Naturally, I didn't go to class. I decided not to start on my homework right away because, I had two whole days. At least that's what I thought.

I woke up, played some Garry's Mod and some Killing Floor. I took a shower and went to work. Work lazily and carelessly for eight long hours. Then got back on the computer and tried to piece together what homework I had. Unsuccessful, I felt I would do better in the morning. I went to rest, expecting the magic fairy of motivation to visit me that night. 

I woke up, got sucked into treasured conversations with my gamer pals on the internet, checked my Facebook, and wrote a blog. I watched a movie, played a board game, and chilled with pals. I checked in with my work and make sure everything was running smoothly over there, then got a bite to eat...

Now, at 1:30 AM, I'm sitting at my desk, eating Del Taco, and typing up this blog. I have only just finished getting a list of my homework together, and let me tell you; It ain't purty. I have:

  1.  To print out a 1x1in picture of myself.
  2. print out some random help wanted ad off craigslist.
  3. Read CGGU(book) pages 1-6 and answer questions
  4. Read CGGU 396-419
  5. Read about cover letter genre
  6. Meet with some group of people out of the other 5 people who missed class yesterday...
  7. Make an informal outline(?) or cluster drawing(?) for cover letter.  ???????wutlol
  8. Write cover letter draft1.
Seems like a lot, no?

Well, I better start somewhere.

EDIT:  About 4 hours later(4.5hrs til' class), I just finished, the essay. yea...
Here's where I'm at so far:
  1. check
  2. check
  3. Read CGGU(book) pages 1-6 and answer questions
  4. Read CGGU 396-419
  5. check
  6. not going to happen, period.
  7. just no.
  8. check
The book "A Commonsense Guide to Grammar and Usage" is long, boring, and dense. I'm not reading this shit.