Monday, January 21, 2013

How to Pro at League of Legends.

I'm writing here today to address a video Athene posted on YouTube in reply to a professional gamer's (TheRainMan) criticism of Athene's previous video stating that he was giving up on his goal of achieving a professional standpoint in League of Legends. Athene's video is below follow by links to the previous videos in the argument and finally what I have to say:

In reply to: TheRainMan's Video

Athene, You aren't a gentleman, but a scholar. I respect your manipulative genius. Your ability to troll and propaganda trumps the LoL community and the gullible fools of the internet. You're a more motivated version of myself and with that I must state that I have been honored to be a subscriber to your channel since 08'. I also look forward to the future of Athene.

Before I start I would like to let you know that I don't want to put you in a defensive position and I really do aim to help you so bear with me.

I honestly believe that this video is a troll and you are more intelligent than the issue you are having however, if you are truly serious with the matter discussed in "RE: @Athene being forced to quit LoL (TheRainMan's Video)" and the other video you may soon come to realize that the first step in solving your problem will be to make a smurf account unrelated to the name you have built for yourself and use this as a control for a scientific study on the necessary manipulation it takes to fuel a winning LoL team.

Years ago, before you were popular I saw a post on 4chan(the breeding grounds of trolls) promoting your videos. This has been a bases for a lot of your followers. You must understand however that the League of Legends community is made up of the same type of people pulled from the same places of the internet.

The LoL community is a (I believe un-bias) cesspool of trolls, waiting for a moment to pounce, you can see this depicted in this thread:

Back to the subject of Scientifically studying the LoL community. My ideology behind the necessity for you doing this is because I've noticed that when calling out characters instead of roles, my character is more likely to get picked or banned because the other player wants the same role as you.

Also, when stating that I don't know a specific role It is normally assumed that I am a troll and therefor the other players will do all they can to get someone to dodge queue as to stay in queue without getting matched up with me.

You need to remember that the factors out of game are still part of the game. LoL is a sport, correct manipulation of the ELO system, the Queuing system, In-game, and your effect on the other 9 players are all factors that will affect the outcome of the game.

I believe your problem may be related to that. However, if it is true that you only know how to play ryze and raka(I find this hard to believe) then your first objective should be to diversify your roles. It has been stated by many that one should not start playing in ranked until that have 3 characters in every role in their toolbelt. By toolbelt I don't mean knowing their abilities; I'm talking about 50-100+ games of experience.

For closure I'd like to apologize if I have insulted your intelligence, as that's what I would have perceived this spiel as (from your position, given the fact that we are narcissistic men).

You have always been one of my role models as a gamer, troll, and a blogger, and I hope (and doubt) for contact from you be it for gaming, chatting, or conspiring manipulation of the gullible internet fools. I play in the NA servers so I don't believe I will ever be honored with playing with you, however you can contact me here, at my email or my facebook which I've sent to your YouTube inbox as 'beckuda'.

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