Thursday, January 10, 2013

FREE Borderlands 2 Loot Raffle

I'm raffling off Borderlands 2 Terramorphous Loot and a few "The Sham"s. There are 5 ways to get a piece of loot.

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For each of these categories I will pick 3 winners. I will be giving away 15 pieces of loot. I will be giving the 94% bullet absorb Shields for The StumbleUpon followers category.

*On the 15th I will start contacting people for their Steam names and distributing loot

The festivities begin today, January 11, with Vault Hunters reporting an influx of powerful shotguns throughout Pandora. To join in the fun, simply boot up Borderlands 2 while connected to the internet and start looting before the supply runs dry -- based on current conditions, expect the excess to be exhausted on Saturday, January 12 at 10:55AM CST / 4:55PM GMT

EXTRA SHiFT codes for BL2 Gear!
PC / Mac Borderlands 2 SHiFT Code: K3K33-3W9JT-6XJJT-TB3JB-HWZZF
Xbox 360 Borderlands 2 SHiFT Code: WBWJ3-JHKSK-ZHXT6-CRTJT-BW59W
PlayStation 3 Borderlands 2 SHiFT Code: WBK3B-FKWCT-KWKWB-SJWTB-XCZK3


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