Wednesday, December 19, 2012

FREE RP for League of Legends {Limited}

Do to the Christmas Season Gifting function in League of Legends, and the Icons earned from gifting, lots of players are itching to spend a ton of money on raffles and RP giveaways! I'm pruning the League of Legends forums and other websites for giveaways that You can enter to win free Riot Points.

So far on the Na.LoL Forums I've found this Thread

Posted by "DaveyBinkers" who is looking to change his name. If he picks your suggested name you could win $20 in RP!

So here's the deal. I'm tired of my summoner name. I'm planning on changing it and starting a Youtube channel dedicated to League of Legends.

The problem is, I can't think of a good one. That's where you, the wonderful LoL GD, come in!

I want you guys and gals to come up with my new summoner/youtube channel name.

Here's how it will work......
Reply with your best idea. On December 21st. I will pick the 5 best ideas and post them in a poll. The community will choose the winner. On Christmas Day, I will give the winner the card code.

The prize......
The winner gets a $10 dollar RP card! BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE!!! If this post gets 500 up votes, or if a red replies, i'll double the prize to a whopping $20!!! Oh my gawdness that's a lot of money!!

The rules...... .
Please use common sense. Any entry that is offensive or outside the bounds of the summoner code obviously won't be selected.

I will look at all replies regardless of down voting to ensure no one gets trolled.

Sooooo, what do you have for me GD? Funny? Clever? Intimidating?

Good luck and please up vote/bump to get that prize doubled!

EDIT: I will be adding consolation prizes for the runners up. Details soon. :)
Free Champion/skin for a good joke

Every 10 Pages in this thread, OP is giving away a $10 rp card.Trick is all posts have to be jokes. Can anyone say inb4 shitstorm? Thread

1 Day Ago
Give me your best, I will add the best and give them 975 rp

EDIT: Since more people are telling Jokes, I'm going to be giving off 3 rp cards

EDIT 2: Every 10 more pages this post gets I'll add rp cards. That's over 60$ for jokes for christ sakes!

10 pages: +1 975 RP card

20 pages: +1 975 RP card

30 pages: +1 975 RP

Also Send in your Funniest Pictures/GIF's and i will be giving a portion to the funniest.

8 Days of Christmas!   
this thread  

3 Days Ago
(Now in Day 4! Winners below.)
Happy Holidays Summoners!

On this last day of Hanukkah and in celebration of the holidays, I have decided to give away a $10 RP card every day for the next 8 days. Seeing some of these threads pop up and pleasant in-game exchanges inspired me to do this, so thank your fellow summoners here on the forums and while you are in a match sometime.

The rules are as follows:

-Post anything positive to get into the running for the day. (If you do not win that day, please post again after the drawing for the next day's running. It makes things easier for me.)
-Wait until 3am EST/ 12am PST
-See if you have won! (Each summoner can win only once)

I will randomly pick a winner each night and list them here. Then, after all 8 winners have been decided, they will each be given a $10 RP card on Christmas day. (or as soon as I am available from that point if something comes up that day)

Remember to enjoy the holidays with friends here and elsewhere! I hope everyone remembers to thank your fellow summoners in a match every once in a while, even after the holidays, and to tell them about this thread.


Day 1 Winner, Dec 16th:
Post 49XstreamFish - I will contact you in game. Congratulations!

Day 2 Winner, Dec 17th:
Post 359Useless Mid - Thanks for the post and enjoy the season!

Day 3 Winner, Dec 18th:
Post 302MasterOfChaos666 - One card for you sir. Have fun!

Day 4 Winner, Dec 19th:

Just a note, there is one evening I might not be able to post for reasons I will explain that next day if it occurs. Thank you all!

Christmas rp giveaway!!! :d thread

17 Hours Ago
So good evening.

I just want to let you all know that I am having a giveaway right now!

The rules are simple:

1. Make a sentence why you should get this RP THIS Christmas.
2. List a skin/champion that you would buy if you got this $10.00 RP card.
3. Await my answer!

The contest starts now, and I will be choosing the most deserving of this RP! Remember, it's the spirit of Christmas that counts! Good luck everyone!

*Note: I will be announcing the lucky winner tomorrow at around this time after I come home from work when I will buy the card*

*Double Note: Downvoting other people WILL NOT give you a higher chance of winning. Please be nice and respect other people, thank you.*

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It generates a lot of traffic. Thanks!


  1. i went this rp because i dont have it and i cant have it. and went to buy with them: jax nemesis and the last skin of lee sin. this for your generosity and you are a awesom guy

    Summoner name: Extermitor
    Server: EUW

    1. thanks for your giveaway