Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Bidroop a bit-network.

Bidroop is a fresh new Crowd-Networking platform where you can profit by Inviting friends to enlarge your network. I've tried several of these "money making schemes" from Asiacube to Linkbucks. I've worked with Adsense models, click trains, cloud networking, bitmining, referral systems, link redirects, and all kinds of pyramid schemes. I think this website is more prosperous has more potential than any similar websites. Bidroop is unique in the sense that it has a very innovative manner in profiting.

At first glance it looks like a sort of Pyramid scheme, but it isn't. It has many features that make it better than any pyramid scheme, and it is absolutely free. The only negative is that it's in the closed beta stage right now so it's hard to get an invite. However, after I go through with explaining their manner of service I will provide invitations and instruction as to how to gain an extremely large and profitable network.

I truly believe Bidroop is the future of cloud networking as it is the most innovative service available at the moment and developers of Bidroop and it's algorithms, Alessandro Reichgruber and Emre Sen, are well-educated in their fields.  Here is an image I put together explaining the site a little more.
(Click to enlarge, like my...nvm)

How to get started

The Platform is in it's very early beta stage and requires a referral code to begin. Once you submit your referral you will be prompted to fill out your registration and validate an email. After that you are on your way to Cloud-Networking, which is very simple. You will receive Crowd invitation codes to give out to Friends, Acquaintances, random people you meet online, to post on forums, image-boards and social media websites to grow your friend army. Your friends and friends of friends and so on will then invite more people into their crowd, and yours respectively. This is the part that is similar to and the reason why bidroop is mistaken for a pyramid scheme, it works in the same manner as a pyramid scheme(also why it's so easily profitable), see the illustration following:

Now the difference again is the manner of monetizing from bidroop and the fact that it is free, making it certainly not a ponzi/pyramid scheme. Also, you will receive extra Networkers in your crowd by being active as there is a pool of people with no one above them and that pool is always increasing. These 'unassigned' members will be added to your crowd as a reward for your active networking after stage 3. 

How to recruit
There are many ways of recruiting crowd-networkers, I will go through several with you as I'd like my crowd to be active and I'm sure you do as well; as an active crowd is a prosperous crowd. There are few areas of your social life you can pull people into your network from, The internet, with social media, forums, image-boards, to reality, with your college buddies who can use an extra buck for the beer fund, to work buddies who want to make a quick buck, to online gaming where you have friends who want to buy virtual cash. Use your brain, the possibility of networking goes as far as your social life. -- Go ahead and copy what I've written, just be sure to post a link to my page with your invite code so that I can profit from the page views. That is the beauty of networking, everyone see's a share of the treasure.

Make Infographs depicting the use of bidroop, post threads on forums and image-boards, start a reddit page, enlighten your tumblr and twitter followers about this platform and how awesome it is. It's easier to profit with this if you have a popular twitter already established, than it is to cut butter with an red-hot knife. 

Here are some unique codes to get a head start, I will be updating the page with fresh codes in the sidebar when these run out:
(copy one then click on one to go to bidroop.com)

Check out their Faq page: www.bidroop.com/faq

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