Thursday, December 1, 2011

On The use of Physical Punishment.

The use of physical punishment on children has been disputed by many different social classes and I’ve always been amazed by how many people oppose the use of spanking.  When children misbehave, their parents have a choice of either effectively communicating or physically punishing the child. Since children with low maturity levels (children in general) tend to disregard and defy their parent’s directions, the children pretty much decide what the guardian’s reaction should be. Depending on the situation; physically punishing a child to an extent is necessary, but not to the point of abuse.
The idea of physical punishment is looked down upon by many people who think that spanking children “gives them low self esteem,” (Jen Gish) but I just don’t find this believable.  A child who is swatted on the butt a few times isn’t even going to carry a day long catharsis (the purging of the emotions or relieving of emotional tensions). I was physically punished in many ways growing up, and I just can’t begin to understand how it would cause any emotional scaring to a person. However; in the story “Who’s Irish?” the narrator beats her granddaughter with a stick, and that may have caused her some sort of permanent catharsis.
Another reason there are negative opinions about spanking or slapping is that some people believe that a child’s actions cannot be justified by the use of slapping or spanking; however, they are viewing the subject at hand from a completely wrong standpoint. The objective is not justification; it is an attempt to forcibly make a child learn to make better decisions. Physical punishment is the most practical way of controlling children’s arrogance and disregard of their parent’s directions and that’s the only reason for the age long use.
            When a child acts up and misbehaves you have a choice of both talking to the child and communicating the situation over to the child in a way it may understand and learn from, or punishing the child. The first option should always be attempted, but often fails leaving the parents to resort to option two. Sometimes when children are acting up and don’t want to listen to what the superiors have to say, they tune out all reasoning and logic and just hear what they want. In that sort of situation is when a child should be spanked or slapped, but never beaten.
            There are boundaries a person needs to follow when physically punishing a child. The generalized and legal rule when physically punishing is using an open palm on a fleshy part of the body, never using a fist, or in Gish Jen’s case, a stick. The use of tools or weapons when punishing your child is abuse, and I believe can permanently affect your child.
            Spanking is, will, and should always be used; it is an important part of learning and triggers an important part of emotional growth that every kid needs to go through when growing up. This light form of physical punishment is very necessary and I find no reason not to use it. After all, our ancestors ancestors used it.

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